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Turbocharges are used in petrol and diesel engines to improve the overall efficiency and increase engine’s performance by using engine exhaust energy to breathe more air into the combustion chambre. A turbo is made up of two halves joined together by a shaft. On one side, hot exhaust gases spin the turbine wheel that is connected to another turbine that sucks fresh air in and compresses it into the engine. Turbochargers are equipped with VNT (VGT) system - variable-nozzle turbines (also known as Variable-geometry turbochargers). This system improves turbo efficiency by 15% and working speed by 18%. We specialize in turbochargers with both mechanical and electronic regulation for cars and trucks.

Our remanufacturing process consist of turbo disassembly, component replacement, dynamic balance, and bench testing. A testing protocol, gasket set, oil syringe and installation manual are included with each of our turbochargers.

We are confident of our quality and hence we provide a 5-year warranty on all of our remanufactured products.

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Turbocharger KKK 54359700005 with a 5-year Warranty

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Turbocharger KKK 54399880023 with a 5-year Warranty

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Turbocharger KKK 54399880054 with a 5-year Warranty

998 €

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