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An alternator (electric generator) uses a belt connected to the engine which helps to drive it and generate electricity. The alternator recharges the car battery, and supplies all the electrical systems in the vehicle: the control unit, lighting, car radio, all electronic assistants, air conditioning, heated windows etc.

Since alternator runs whenever the engine is on, the most sensible solution is to purchase a new on or remanufacture the old one when failure happens because all components and bearings are usually worn out.

In our portfolio you will find alternators for practically all car brands. Remanufactured alternator does not differ in quality or durability from new pieces.

Testing protocol is a part of a package and 5-year warranty on the whole product is provided.

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Alternator BOSCH 0986038600 with a 5-year Warranty

180 €

150 € without VAT

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Alternator BOSCH 9123320007 with a 5-year Warranty

180 €

150 € without VAT

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