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We are the team of automotive fanciers which grows up year by year. We want to supply every driver on the planet with a missing part. With every remanufacture, we save up to 80% of sources used for a new product. This is our vision, this is why we do that.

REMANTE is not only a company, it is a group of people who support each other and they would like to support you too! Join us! We know that a qualified or talented person can find his/her use everywhere. That is why we are looking for people who do not settle for a little and who want to prove great things. Does it make sense to you? Meet us for a chat and we can show you we mean it.

Let’s make it!

  • we do not leave you hanging, we will give you an advice, help you and show how to do it
  • we let you grow up, find new challenges and gain interesting experience
  • Are you an expert or do not you know anything about the branch? We always appreciate good results.
  • Are you a student or a graduate? You are also welcome. Show us what you are great in.
  • Send us a CV to or come straight to us.

People are important for us. Make sure every day is more interesting than the previous and becoming “the Remante guy” makes sense. We have a lot of proposals in our minds and we want to bring them to life. In addition, we will appreciate all of your above-average result. We are active. We like friendly meetings like barbecue parties or sport events!

Our team is missing you!

Has this offer made you interested in? Send us your CV to

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