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What is B2B?

B2B is simply business made between companies. From our company development point view and new business trends establishment (globalization, e-business), this comes as one of the most promising directions that modern entrepreneurs can follow. In other words, it is a simplest way of business communication between customer and supplier. We can also say that B2B is an extended arm of ERP (enterprise system, information system organization, accounting, warehouses, CRM…) and it is really all you need to communicate with your customers.

For whom Remante B2B solution is made for?

Our B2B solution will be most appreciated by companies from automotive aftermarket field and are also involved into remanufacturing. We have been working in this field since 2008 and all our experience is reflected in our B2B interface. So if you're curretnly looking for the solution which is easy to apply and multifunctional, you're at the right time in the right place. However, our system is also fully usable and applicable for companies that are not involved into remanufacturing.

Difference between B2B and B2C?

B2B is much more faster in searching processes (list view, intelligent product filters), easier to organize and palce the orders, and also using closer interface in comparison to B2C (Business to Consumers). As a rule, in B2C, all terms (prices, stock levels, delivery rates, reference numbers, etc.) are displayed to all interface visitors (no login required). All conditions and possibilities to enter B2B are determined by the company itself and are based on company needs. Intuitive design and all business process interfaces are created the way that forces your client to purchase immidiately.

Clear products listing in the system with stock levels, reference numbers, etc.

The uniqueness of our B2B?

The most essential element of any B2B platform is an online database where your client can check the availability of goods and services in real time, while getting him know all key information such as price, merchandise, warranty, product appearance lead-times, and delivery costs. Our B2B is unique systém - the solution you are going to purchase already includes all necessary data for your business (e.g. product portfolio width) and modules related to the car parts business.
B2B e-commerce solution can be compared to ordinary e-commerce, except that it is not obviously available for every interface visitor. Therefore, it serves as a protection of your know-how against competition. Another significant advantage is that each company can have different conditions (displaying stock availaiblities, price policies, currencies, warranty periods, delivery times and costs, credit limits, maturity, etc).
Our B2B system is also a company fundamental that can be used and connected with other interfaces such as B2C, various online catalogs, and e-advertising. B2B offers a variety of options such as bulk import of ordered items, matching product / reference numbers, linking warehouses to business partners, and other business development issues.

Where is B2B heading?

This system is especially suitable for companies engaged into manufacturing and reacting on customers frequent demads on everyday basis. Our B2B solution can be easily linked to the in-house system (ERP) or other software or modules using API, EDI or XML to control all processes. So any of your customer using this B2B solution can order his product directly but also monitor his order status followed from production until delivery to customer gates
After B2B online system implementation you save significant time on both your own employees and customers' time. This automation allows you to increase the quality of services provided.

What it is worth getting B2B?

Cost reduction. Especially reducing the administrative burden, eliminating all needs connected with any single inquiry responce, Order confirmation process is no longer needed being eliminated by the system. If your company receives an order electronically, almost everything is done automatically further. This becomes possible with perfectly tailored B2B system. At the same time, any your employee can access detailed information without having to interfere with the internal system (ERP). E.g. Your sales representatives can organize their orders online being on business trip.

All products can be ordered quickly and easily

High level of process automation. Each single order will be automatically added into the order list, all positions from each order are automatically transfered to your stock further and are processed with dispatch after. In case products are not currently stocked or unavaialble our system will evaluate the necessity of ordering them. All requirements which are necessary for invoice/ tax documents issuing such as price, product code and number, warranty period, number of products ordered, shipping costs, maturity, billing and delivery details will be transferred to your accounting system. Your warehouse employees, are only going to prepare the products, attach all necessary documents and deliver the entire shipment to the carrier.
Supply Management. Our B2B online system offers the right inventory management capabilities to reduce capital requirements.
Intelligent and precise work with databases. In our B2B solution you get all the product information and business contacts in one place. You can import complete product information to your customers e-shop and so increase turnovers on both sides. Our quality B2B system is the basis for successful marketing (email promotion, creation the catalog, advertisement, etc).
Prestige and speed. Sending the emails or making the phone calls is a thing which belongs to the past. Today's world requires fast and elegant solutions. If you are not using the B2B system yet, do not hesitate to consider your own step forward. With our B2B solution you get everything in once place, available 24/7.

Why buy B2B from Remante?

Based on our long term experience in Automotive aftermarket field we perfectly know and recognise clients demands, needs and how the B2B systém itself should work. You have no need to worry about development. This is our business and we are in charge of it.
Save your purchase and maintenance costs. We developed our own system and continiously developing it further for our own need. Your price is a only a small part of the total project expences.
Our B2B got attractive and user friendly design and interface, it is easy to use and suits all devices (PC, tablet, mobile phones).

CDB home page with an overview of all important information

Our system includes smart tools for organizing your orders and processes (purchase, sale, specifics for working with old cores).
Unlimited localization, ability to add custom products (extend existing database with new references and cross codes).
Buy a ready-made solution that you can apply much faster while others are still developing.
We can help you securing B2B solution operativity (data storage, backups), by creating an initial interface, if you do not have a unique numeric product series, we can create and develop it together.
We develop and built our system in house, a huge range of specific modifications and extensions are available. You can choose your own naming for your B2B system (we call it CDB - Central DataBase). After launching your new B2B platform, we can help you:

  • Share and add your products to various online catalogs (eg TecDoc).
  • Create new online sales channels for trade platforms such as Ebay or Amazon.
  • Provide different language versions for any abroad expansion.
  • Implement CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence)

Help you to launch your own B2C (Business-to-Consumers) e-shop, designed primarily for end customers and car repair shops (garages), which complement the B2B solution perfectly – check our B2C solution offer (B2C link).

"We appreciate the past, we create the future"

Remante team.

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