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What is B2B?

B2B or Business to Business refers to the business relationship and communication between companies (wholesale partners). From our company development point of view, taking into consideration the emerging new business trends (globalization and e-commerce), it is one of the most promising models that modern entrepreneurs can follow. Our B2B solution is an extended arm of ERP (company information system) and contains everything you need to communicate effectively with your customers.

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Why to get B2B solution?

  • High degree of automation of all processes.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Quality improvement of provided services.
  • Time-saver for both, employees and customers.
  • Effective inventory management.
  • Option to set different conditions for individual customers.
  • Know-how protection from your competition.
  • Access to internal information without interfering with the internal system (ERP).
  • Overview of all processes thanks to connection to our internal company system (ERP) or other softwares and modules using API, EDI or XML.

For whom is RemanTe B2B solution suitable?

Our B2B solution will be most appreciated by companies from the automotive industry focused on remanufacturing. We have been an active player in the field since 2008 and all of our professional experience thus far is reflected in our B2B interface. So if you are currently looking for a solution which is multifunctional and easy to apply, you are in the right place. However, we ought to emphasize that our system is also fully applicable for companies that are not directly involved in remanufacturing.


CDB Homepage with an overview of all important information.

Why to get B2B from Remante?

  • We gathered all the knowledge gained through years of experience in the automotive industry and used them to develop this B2B solution, so you can be worry free about the complicated development. We know what clients need and how the B2B system should work.
  • You do not need to worry about the complicated development.
  • Save on acquisition and maintenance costs.
  • We have developed the system for our own needs and it is still being developed, the price you will pay is just a fraction of the total project cost.
  • Our B2B system has a very likeable design, is user friendly and easy to use on all devices (PC, tablet, mobile phone).
  • Our system includes many smart tools that help you with order organisation (purchases, sales, specifics for working with old parts).
  • You can add your own assortment and expand the existing database with new references and cross codes. You have an unlimited number of locations.
  • We will help you to ensure the website operation.

We have developed the system ourselves, so specific modifications and extensions are possible. You can name your own B2B system (we named our one CDB – Central DataBase). After launching your new B2B platform, we can help you:

  • With the launch of a B2C (Business-to-Consumers) e-shop developed primarily for end customers and car repair shops. This e-shop is a great complementation to already existing B2B solution
  • With online sales channels connection, such as eBay or Amazon
  • With listing your products in various online catalogs (eg TecDoc)
  • Provide needed language versions for a global expansion
  • To implement CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) modules

Clear list of products with availability, reference numbers, prices and other information. All products can be ordered quickly and easily.